Pre-Design Services:     Tarchitects will conduct a design consultation to ascertain the scope of the project and its complete program. Tarchitects llc will survey the facilities and site for measurements and existing MEP conditions. Tarchitects will translate the captured measurements into computer generated drawings and models that will be used for the base for design.

Schematic Design:     During this phase of the project Tarchitects will present the overall design intent captured through the design consultation, and the program provided by the client. These concepts will be communicated via drawings, computer animations and/or physical models.

Design Development:     At the end of schematic, design a benchmark will be set to finalize the overall design strategy. At this point Design Development will begin and Tarchitects will start to finalize structural components and systems, and establish material selections as well as other aspects that will formalize the final design. An internal code review will also be conducted in this phase of design. During this phase another benchmark will be set for a design presentation by Tarchitects with the client.

Construction Documents:     After Design Development is complete, we will begin the Construction Documents phase. This is the phase that will produce the final documents for construction. How the building is built structurally, and exactly how the building responds to the elements of weather are good examples of what is finalized in detailed drawings within this phase of the design process. These same "Construction Documents" will be submitted to the municipality along with an application for a building permit by the client. Tarchitects will be paid in full upon delivery of the drawings to the client.